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Digital Marketing

We have people in-house that handle most of our digital marketing, but can you help with the things we don’t do?

Chances are, yes! We work well with in-house talent, and we have a good number of clients that simply use our people to “fill in the gaps” with their internal digital marketing team. We’ll even train your staff, if that works better for you in the long run.

Do you do “_______”?

When it comes to digital marketing tactics, the answer is most likely “yes”. We offer a full suite of digital marketing services, provided by our in-house talent right here in our Columbus HQ (no offshore outsourcing). In the rare instance that it’s something we don’t do ourselves, we typically have a trusted, fully-vetted partner that we work with – and we’re always transparent about that.

Just reach out and ask, we’re always happy to answer any questions, and we love talking about what we do.

How much is it for you to look at my site and tell me what I need?

Absolutely nothing. And on top of that, you won’t be hounded afterwards, or placed into a drip campaign that clutters up your inbox. You just get a clear idea of what your site needs and how to do it, whether it’s with us or someone else. Simply contact us to get started.

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Paid Search

How do you determine the budget that is needed for our campaigns to be successful?

We use industry tools, including search trends and the performance & keyword planner by Google, to determine the market and price for the keywords we’re targeting. This will let us know a broad range of results (clicks, impressions, conversions) we may be able to expect in accordance with our daily/monthly spends. From there, we can focus on the human element to ensure our clickthrough rates are high and work our magic to nurture the campaign and bring our CPC below the industry average. 

Can you take over the management of my existing campaigns or will you need to rebuild the campaigns?

In most cases, we can take over the management with minimal effort.

Our initial task is to do a health check of the existing campaigns. Once we complete an audit, we’ll be able to determine if we can simply optimize the foundation of the campaigns that have already been created, or if there is an opportunity to maximize performance by building the campaigns from the ground up.

Do you only work with Google Ads?

Not at all. We are a certified Google Ads partner, but our crew is equally adept at all facets of paid search. This includes:

  • Social Media ads
  • Display Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • Native Ads
  • Local service ads
  • Remarketing/Retargeting
  • Video ads

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We had a bad experience with another SEO agency; how can we be sure we won’t have the same issues?

The answer here might be surprising, but our extensive discovery process has been honed to identify potential pitfall areas and address them before we even get to work. We talk a lot about our 20+ years of experience, and this is a key area in which it pays off. You’ll be no one’s guinea pig; we’ve been through it all with previous clients and two decades of trials and errors. We’ve created a system that provides high ROI, clear deliverables, reasonable goals, milestones, tracking and reporting, and it’s a proven formula that has withstood the test of time.

That being said, we’ll want to make sure we fully understand how your previous agency didn’t live up to expectations, and make sure we’re the right fit to get you what you need. Simply contact us to get the conversation started.

Is Organic SEO better than Paid Search?

Both can be effective methods of driving traffic to a website. Paid search does have an advantage in that you can get very precise about the audience you are targeting, when you try to reach them, and many other variables. But it’s hard to argue with the effectiveness of a well-done organic SEO campaign.

Most people are conditioned to ignore the paid search listings, and to skip right to the “regular” (organic) results. Think about your own habits – how often do you click the ads or paid listings? And what is your trust level with those results?

When we run a full digital marketing campaign, we will often incorporate a strategy that includes both organic and paid search. But we do this with an eye to eventually dial back that paid search spend as the organic rankings take over – increasing your ROI year after year.

How will I know it’s working?

The most obvious sign will be a gradual increase in keyword rankings. We’ll track and report on a handful of phrases, and as they increase, other peripheral phrases will increase as well. All of this adds up to more traffic to your site.

But, that’s only half the battle. Once you get that increased traffic, our team jumps back in and makes sure engagement and conversion is happening. After all, any agency can get people to your site, but it’s what they do there that counts!

We will provide all this data to you using both a dashboard (that you can refer to anytime) as well as handcrafted, easy to understand reports.

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Web Design

What is headless CMS?

Just about all content management systems add a LOT of code, which in turn slows down the site. Add a feature-heavy theme and your site will likely fail the Core Web Vitals tests. That will have a huge negative effect on your SEO.

A headless CMS separates all that heavy code from what is actually being pushed to the web. So you get all the convenience of a CMS without any of the slow speeds and code bloat. Here at ForeFront we spent over a year developing our own headless CMS system, and it’s crazy fast. This site was built using it, feel free to test it out!

Contact us for your headless CMS website.

How much do your websites cost?

This is a tough one to answer succinctly. There are so many factors involved; and it’s a little like asking how much a house costs.

We have a full blog article on this, which you can find here. But here’s an excerpt that might help:

…but bear in mind that there are many factors that can skew these numbers!

Small website: ~ 10 pages, custom design
$5,000 – $10,000

Business website/basic eCommerce website: ~ 30 pages, custom design, mobile optimized, on-page SEO
$15,000 – $30,000

Professional website: ~ 40+ pages, custom design, content strategy, SEO
$35,000 – ?

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