A Worthy Cause

Here at ForeFront Web, we are fortunate to be a thriving business in a fast-paced (and competitive) field. Over the years, we have done our part to give back by donating websites to a variety of organizations doing important work in their communities. Up to this point, however, these efforts have occurred only as circumstances have brought the organizations to our attention. Therefore, we made the decision to find a first-class organization, with a mission that we can’t help but support, and see what we could do to assist.

Since 2021, ForeFront Web has donated a percentage of the revenue from every website we launch to the Lindy Infante Foundation.

About the Lindy Infante Foundation

The Lindy Infante Foundation is an amazing initiative, founded right here in our home city of Dublin, Ohio. Its mission is to ensure as many kids as possible have the means to participate in the character-building, but increasingly expensive, world of youth sports.

58% of all community-based sports fees are rising, and 24% of high schools in the United States no longer offer sports. The rising costs of participation have closed the doors to youth sports for many children and teens in need. The Lindy Infante Foundation is committed to leveling the playing field and ensuring that no young person misses out.

Why is this important?

  • Get Them Moving: Active kids are 10 times less likely to be obese*

  • Get Them Ahead: Active kids are 15% more likely to go to college*

  • Pump Up The Grades: Active kids have up to 40% higher test scores*

*Statistical information provided by Aspen Institute

In contrast to the high overhead of many charitable organizations, 100% of donations to the Lindy Infante Foundation go to people in need. The Infante family and the Lindy Infante Foundation Board of Directors have pledged to underwrite all operating costs of the Foundation.

It’s a great cause, and we are proud to be a part of it. You can learn more about the Foundation at https://lindyinfantefoundation.org/.

A Little About Lindy

At the age of 14, Lindy entered a nationally-sponsored race at the Boys & Girls Club and astonishingly placed in the top 10 in the country. It was that moment, that race and that opportunity that allowed him to shine — and then everything changed for Lindy and his family.

After an illustrious college and during his NFL coaching career the innate desire to help those like himself became clear. In his humble way, he tucked his players under his wing. He had a way of bringing out their greatness, often before they knew it for themselves. Lindy, or “Coach” as so many of us called him, passed away in 2015 but his legacy will live on in every child that the Foundation is able to help.