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Our Core: Custom Website Design and Development

This is where it all started – with website design right here in Columbus, Ohio. It’s at the core of what we do, and our portfolio says it all.

But when it comes to modern web design, are you starting to get the feeling that innovation has run dry? That websites are starting to look formulaic, and you really can’t tell much of a difference between them? You’re not alone!

The ever-increasing presence of WordPress has profoundly changed the web. The barrier for entry has dropped to dangerously low levels, and it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between fully qualified web developers and admins that simply know how to install a pre-made theme.

Should you buy a theme or go custom?

Designed and Developed Around Your Needs

For the most part, pre-made themes are created to suit everybody, and ultimately wind up suiting nobody. Your website is as forward facing as it gets; it should truly represent you, what you stand for, and showcase what makes you different. It’s why we’ve only offered bespoke solutions for more than a decade. Yes, we often build using WordPress (among others), but our in-house designers create unique designs just for our clients, and our developers build sophisticated solutions that complement your products or service offerings.

A Process Honed over 20+ Years

Chances are, you’ve been through a major marketing project (like a website build), and chances are that it took a lot of your time and energy to move things across the finish line. We’ve worked diligently over the past two decades to create an efficient web creation process that provides you with the luxury of being as involved – or as removed – as you would like to be. You won’t be overseeing rookies, but rather you’ll have seasoned professionals guiding your project with a vested interest in making sure that both the process and the finished product exceed all expectations.

Way Beyond Simply Creating a Glossy Site

Not only do we have an award-winning Senior Designer and amazing UI/UX experts, but we’re also one of the few agencies around with a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Expert. We’ve invested heavily in expertise, training and techniques in order to create sites that perform, and are never happy with a site that, “just looks good”.

There’s a tremendous amount of psychology that goes into a well-built website, from proper color theory to spatial organization. We are students of this discipline, and build subtle visual cues throughout our sites that lead to better performance and higher conversions. Curious? By all means, reach out – we’re happy to walk you through examples of some of the next-level techniques we use.

Next Generation Web Development

Our friends at Google have flipped the script on web development – for the past few years, they’ve put an ever-increasing level of importance on site speed. And with Google using a mobile-first index and introducing Core Web Vitals, rest assure that trend won’t be ending soon.

The problem is, most people looking for a new site request a CMS (Content Management System). With the additional overhead (and resources needed) that all that code brings, you come out of the gate at odds with what Google wants. Well, our development staff has the answer, as they’ve developed a Headless CMS system that delivers sizzling site speed as well as all the benefits of an industry-leading CMS. It took more than a year of development, but the results are well worth it – and will leave your competitors in a cloud of SEO dust. Be sure to ask for a demo today, and prepare to be impressed…

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How much do your websites cost?

This is a tough one to answer succinctly. There are so many factors involved; and it’s a little like asking how much a house costs.

We have a full blog article on this, which you can find here. But here’s an excerpt that might help:

…but bear in mind that there are many factors that can skew these numbers!

Small website: ~ 10 pages, custom design
$5,000 – $10,000

Business website/basic eCommerce website: ~ 30 pages, custom design, mobile optimized, on-page SEO
$15,000 – $30,000

Professional website: ~ 40+ pages, custom design, content strategy, SEO
$35,000 – ?

What is headless CMS?

Just about all content management systems add a LOT of code, which in turn slows down the site. Add a feature-heavy theme and your site will likely fail the Core Web Vitals tests. That will have a huge negative effect on your SEO.

A headless CMS separates all that heavy code from what is actually being pushed to the web. So you get all the convenience of a CMS without any of the slow speeds and code bloat. Here at ForeFront we spent over a year developing our own headless CMS system, and it’s crazy fast. This site was built using it, feel free to test it out!

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