Establishing Identities for More Than Two Decades

There’s never been a time that we’ve had more demographic and prospect data available to us, and smart brands leverage this data to deliver the right messages at the right time, and to the right audience.

Does the voice of your company carry the weight and influence that you want, and does it accurately represent the message you’re trying to convey? Our team can help create or refine your brand, establish consistent messaging, and clearly identify your target market.

Actionable Results With Zero Fluff

Branding exercises can be a grind, and the results are often ambiguous, with little to no effort at actual differentiation. Most branding experts are uncomfortable with firms that exist on or near the fringes, and work to push them to the middle. Our philosophy is fundamentally different – we strive to find those distinguishing aspects and revel in uniqueness. You want to stand out, not fight for your place in the midst of all the others.

You’ll get clear directives, intelligent materials that speak to prospects, and valuable insights about your target markets that can help boost your organization to all new heights. More importantly, you won’t be paying for fluff and generic feedback that doesn’t help anybody, even if it all looks great within slide decks.

Strategy: The Method Behind the Madness

There’s essentially two different methods to bring ideas to market – keep trying and testing until you find something that works, or come up with a clear, well-researched plan and work that plan. The first is much easier, but also takes money and luck (if it even works at all). The latter takes time, diligence and experience, but will always produce better results.

Do you have an overall marketing strategy? If so, do you have a clear plan to set that strategy in motion, with trackable metrics and clear end goals? If you do, fantastic; we’d love to help you get there. If you don’t, get in touch and we’ll get to work creating a plan that will work for you.

Branding and Strategy – Without All the “Touchy Feely” Stuff

Sure, color palettes and brand guidelines are important, but they are the window dressing to a well planned overall initiative. So why do so many agencies seem to focus most of their energy on the fluff? Well, it looks good in that branding binder. But conversions look good on the bottom line.

Which would you prefer?

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