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Dueling Axes Hones in on Digital Precision, Axes Up Conversion Rates by 40%

Nestled in the heart of Ohio, Dueling Axes found themselves at a crossroads, eager to enhance their online visibility and attract more people through organic search and targeted engagement. Their aim was to dominate the local search landscape, particularly for high-intent search terms that potential customers frequently use when planning their leisure activities in Cap City.

The Plan

To carve out a more prominent online niche, Dueling Axes partnered with us to refine their website’s appeal and functionality. The strategy was twofold: enhance the site’s SEO to boost organic search rankings and revamp the user experience to prioritize conversion goals, particularly focusing on increasing online reservations. The team implemented a robust SEO campaign, honing in on strategic keywords and optimizing content, alongside an improved PPC strategy to amplify visibility and draw more targeted traffic.

The Results

The concerted efforts paid off handsomely over a 90-day sprint. Dueling Axes saw a significant uptick in their keyword rankings for critical search terms, placing them front and center for “things to do in Columbus” and “date night” queries:improved KPIs from digital marketing campaign

  • Achieved a 7-rank jump for “things to do in Columbus”
  • Climbed 27 ranks for “things to do near Columbus Ohio”
  • Gained new rankings for a variety of keyword variations, including:
    • “things to do in Columbus OH”
    • “what to do in Columbus Ohio”
    • “things to do in Columbus Ohio this weekend”
    • “date ideas Columbus Ohio”
    • “Columbus date ideas”
    • “date night ideas Columbus Ohio”

This surge in keyword rankings was paralleled by a significant uptick in overall conversions, with a nearly 40% increase, showcasing the effectiveness of the integrated SEO and user experience strategy. The focus on driving engagement through their reservation app was particularly successful, evidenced by the marked improvement in app usage and conversion rates. Additionally, our Google Ads strategy delivered an 83% increase in conversions, further amplifying Dueling Axes’ digital marketing success!

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