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March Madness: Top 5 SEO Tips So Far in 2015

SEO 2015 – The Year of the User

Show us a person who knows everything about search engine optimization and we will show you a member of the Google executive crew – the only group of people with that particular knowledge. SEO algorithms are always changing, successfully weeding out spam practices, pushing sites that have the correct answers and, ultimately, creating a greater user experience. While the puzzle remains a mystery, ForeFront has uncovered some crazy awesome tips to help get you on that coveted first page – at least until the cards are shuffled again.

We may not have the perfect, all-encompassing recipe for universal SEO success, but we do have enough information to build you a working foundation to assure some ranking gains in 2015. These tactics will help build a strong border, but it’s up to you fill in the missing pieces – especially in your niche market.

Check out a compiled list of our 2015 SEO tips below!

  1. Google Gauges User Experience

    Perhaps the biggest emphasis this year, thus far, has been enhanced user experience. How do viewers respond to your site? Are they kicking your ranks up a notch by sticking around, returning and converting or are they abandoning ship because your site is confusing and uninformative? Search engines are dinging websites that annoy users or simply just don’t work. Not many people like pop-up ads that blast you with volume from a video you cannot find to mute. Few like wasting their time on pages without direct answers to inquiries. If the people do not like it, neither does Google.

  2. Mobile Optimized Websites Get Priority

    As of mid-April, Google will start docking sites that are not fully optimized for mobility and begin promoting those which are ready for browser screens of all shapes, sizes and operating systems. Responsive design is huge for user experience – a hot topic that you will likely notice throughout this list. If someone comes to your site, via the iPhone, and they can’t navigate around because their fingers are too big and your links are too small, they’re going to bail. And if the people are bailing, you can bet search engines are as well.

  3. Target Phrases and Long-Tail Keywords

    People are getting smarter – or maybe just impatient. They know what they want and they know that going to a search engine first will likely yield the answer they’re looking for. That’s why they’re searching for more specific keywords and phrases. Sure, searching for the term “SEO” will produce an ample amount of results, but these may not be the right results. Using the long-tail phrase “SEO Services Columbus Ohio” will direct the user to exactly what they want (hopefully our site, if we’re playing our cards right)!

  4. Keep the Conversions and Conversations Going via Social Media

    Since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, there has been an argument of whether or not social media helps SEO. We’re here to answer with a “yes.” While your actual landing page may not get a ton of traction and love from search engines, actual tweets will. Google is back in business with Twitter, thus the regular archiving and crawling of posts will occur once again. If your brand is talking about “content marketing” and someone searches “content marketing,” your tweets should eventually show up. It’s not the greatest, surefire way of garnering page views, but that’s where other good social practices come into play.

    Lead your Facebook users to the lake. Provide them with a link to your newest website feature and describe to them how it will help their brand. Then let them drink. Since enhancing our own social sites, we have seen an increase in visitors, both unique and returning – and these are the type of leads that convert because these clients are actively searching for exactly what we are purveying.

  5. You Can’t Top Quality Content

    The old adage is still true; some things remain the same. Engaging and informative content writing is key, and that doesn’t look to change. If you’re the industry thought leader on a subject, Google will recognize that. Those who visit your site read up on your services, gather what they want and convert. How well do you know your clients? Is it a niche audience? If so, talk like they do. If you’re in the sports nutrition industry, don’t talk like the over-bearing, intimidating personal trainer. Be the down-to-Earth “gymbro” that knows how everything works around the place, but isn’t going to push something on you that you don’t need. Brand voice and personality are huge in target markets. If you can make the visitor feel welcomed and wanted, they’ll convert. Search engines will recognize that success and reward you in the ranks in 2015.

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