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ForeFront Web offers one-time or ongoing digital marketing consultation to cover essential marketing topics and provide expert guidance as you move forward. We cover it all, from the best website platforms for your business, everyday social media strategies, routine blogging techniques, SEO best practices, Google Analytics reporting, what your next marketing moves should be and more. Sure, we could offer each as a separate service, but some things are best left to be performed in-house. Teach a man to fish, right?

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    Social Media Training & Strategy

    Even if you don’t think you need social media for your business, you do. These outlets tell consumers a lot about what your business stands for & the people behind the product. Not only are these platforms your #1 way of communicating with target audiences directly, they offer infinitely valuable advertising opportunities. We can help you master the following fields:

    • Image optimization
    • Hashtagging for organic exposure
    • Time of day considerations
    • Monitoring for success
    • Mixing up messages for different audiences
    • How to advertise effectively & efficiently
  2. 2

    Blogging Training & Inspiration

    Blogs and guest posts are two of the most natural ways to get in Google’s good graces. We teach you the ins & outs of writing for both your target demographic & search engine powerhouses. Our blogging experts are tremendous at turning a giant block of text into something engaging & useful for many years to come. Some of the things we train you up on include:

    Creating a reliable content calendar

    • Using proper structure for SEO & readership purposes
    • Newsjacking & timeliness of articles
    • Using the ease of WordPress’ blogging platform to your advantage
    • Writing for various audiences
    • Tagging posts correctly for archiving & SEO
  3. 3

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    At ForeFront, we don’t keep the “secret sauce” in some high-security safe in the basement. Rather, we offer a 100% transparent approach to SEO. That’s right. We give you all the tricks of the trade so that you can make search engine success happen on your own! Some of these techniques include:

    • Header hierarchy
    • Meta data optimization
    • Image optimization
    • Internal & external linking
    • Content optimization
    • Proper URL structure
    • AdWords management & PPC campaigns

Google Analytics & Tracking for Routine Performance Check-Ups

Your team will be ready to enter the world of digital marketing with an arsenal of tools, information and inspiration. ForeFront Web will help keep tabs on your progress to ensure you’re making the most of each platform. We offer additional follow-up consultations to go over the successes and failures of the campaign, while bringing ways to improve writing and new search engine optimization tactics to the table.

CMS & Site Utility Training

ForeFront Web takes great pride in our personal approach to comprehensive client education and training. We work with your team, directly, to ensure that each member of the organization fully understands how to use the content management system (CMS) and is comfortable utilizing the system to its fullest extent. We’re out here to make sure you’re getting the most of the website you paid for!

When it comes to digital marketing, it only makes sense to have a concrete strategy in place to ensure long-term success. Contact us today & we’ll help guide all of your digital marketing efforts!

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