Fun Fact:

He can do a perfect impression of a Keurig coffee maker.


Digital Marketing Tactician

Professional Qualifications:

BA in Organizational Communications, Cedarville University, 2021


When you forgot you needed captions on your social media posts or an interesting blog, Seth emerges from the shadows to write it. Most of his day is spend staring off into the distance trying to find the right words for a sentence. He’s an avid soccer fan, with loyalty to Tottenham Hotspur and Columbus rivals FC Cincinnati, which means he watches over his shoulder walking around town. When he’s not at work, you can catch him playing with his band in a local Columbus venue, at Gateway Film Center where he’s a loyal member, or on a disc golf course. Don’t ask him for music or movie recommendations; you’ll get a speech.

Favorite Quote:

“I was wondering if I could trouble you for a cup of strong black coffee, and in the process engage you with an anecdote of no small amusement!” – Gordon Cole, Twin Peaks

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