Action for Children

Building a Youthful Spirited Website for a Children’s Non-Profit

Action for Children focuses on supporting children, families, childcare providers, and the community. When it came time to overhaul its website, its staff knew who to turn to! Action for Children’s main ask was finding a way to present their childcare resources without overshadowing professional development and parenting education opportunities. Balancing multiple and unique audiences can be difficult, but we made it easy for everyone to navigate.

Our goal was to keep things fun while ensuring the site still spoke to potential donors and the communities they serve. Of course, we prioritized content and SEO best practices to skip Action for Children up the search results pages. We gave them a new, modernized visual direction, simplified the navigation, and sprinkled in plenty of CTAs to get people involved. Now,¬†Action for Children’s colorful and playful spirit is alive on its website.

What We Designed & Built

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