Dublin Learning Academy

Youthful, Playful Energy Highlights this Private Curriculum-Based Preschool Website

When your website no longer performs the way you need it to and makes it hard to operate your business, it’s time for a custom-built website! This was the problem facing Dublin Learning Academy as their outdated site was not only hard to navigate, but it was confusing potential and current clients.

They came to ForeFront Web for a revamped visual brand, a modern website, and a back-end that can be easily updated with parent forms and classroom information.

After updating Dublin Learning Academy’s content to be more SEO and user-friendly, our Design Team took over. They came up with an adorable design that not only showcases the Learning Academy’s curriculum but also pays homage to the shamrock and green palette popular in their home of Dublin, OH.

Careful consideration was given to their primary audience: parents looking for a trustworthy, private preschool and kindergarten for their children. The imagery is relevant to their interests, while the content speaks to their needs and wants.

To end this project, ForeFront Web held a thorough training process to ensure that the Academy staff were able to make updates and upload forms with ease.

What We Designed & Built